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    Terms Procurement

    You can manage and maintain supplierrelated activities with TERMS ERP. TERMS offers the following purchasing management functionality:

    Purchase order – When you order materials or services from suppliers, you can create purchase orders and print, mail, fax, or e-mail them directly to the supplier. A purchase order updatesthe available quantity of the ordered items and informs the warehouse manager of the expected delivery date. In addition, you can split a singlepurchase order into multiple parts when, for example, items need to be shipped to multiple warehouses.

    Goods receipt purchase order – Decide whether you would like to receive deliveries at one warehouse or multiple warehouses. Goods receipts may be linked to a purchase order, which means that the purchase order quantity can change if the quantity received does not match the original order amount.

    A/P invoice – Process payments to suppliers by acting on journal entries the software automatically generates when you process supplier invoices.

    A/P credit memo – Issue a credit memo to any supplier for returned merchandise. You can easily draw the data required for that credit memo from the original invoice.